Battered Love: Us as Readers and the Language of Romance and Rape

On this final Sunday before our Oral and Visual Art Workshop, we ask the obvious question, “What do we do with these texts?”

Should we just ignore them, and could we even do that? Do we let them damage our view of the value of scripture in general, making us distrustful of all biblical texts? Can we imagine a counter narrative that lifts up the role of women in relation to God and to the whole of humanity?

Domestic violence is a world-wide problem. What can the church do to combat it?

What does Renita Weems, an African American woman, offer us in addressing these texts? How do they have special relevance for her? How does our own lived experience impact the way we respond to these texts?

We invite you to think about how you can give artistic expression, through poetry, painting, drawing, music, or any other artistic form, to your response to these texts or to your view of a more positive narrative about our relationship to God.

What do you think? We'd love to hear from you.

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