Jesus Deported: The Foreigner in the Bible and in Today’s Political Climate

From Jesus’ family fleeing as refugees to Egypt in Matthew’s Gospel, to repeated outcries from the prophets against mistreatment of the foreigner, the Bible is filled with references to strangers in a foreign land. In our present political climate, with constant demonization of foreigners from the highest office in the land and vitriol on social media, we gather to consider what our response and responsibility must be.

Each Sunday this Fall we will look at a contemporary example of the plight of foreigners in our own country and an example of what biblical authors had to say about the same problem in their own time.

The title for this class, and the graphic at the top of the page, are borrowed from a Spanish book by David Mateo: Jesús Deportado, el Evangelio illegal del Hijo de Dios Indocumentado (Jesus Deported: The illegal Gospel of the Undocumented Son of God).

To see a week-by-week account of what we will be discussion, you can consult the class schedule. Keep in mind, though, that the schedule may change as needed depending on the topics that seem of most interest to those attending. I will update the class schedule as changes are made.