Oral and Visual Art Workshop

On Saturday, April 1, 2023 we will gather in the art room at the church for a three-hour workshop in which we will create art in response to what we have been reading. Here are some possibilities that you might consider in advance of the weekend workshop.

  • Write a poem.
  • Produce a painting.
  • Draw a picture.
  • Write a story.

What would happen if we reimagined the story of “God as aggrieved husband and God’s people as the unfaithful wife” in a way that would represent God as female and God’s people as an unfaithful husband? In our art we can be free to reinvent the dynamic between God and the church in ways that celebrate women rather than demeaning them.

Creation of God, by Harmonia Rosales
Harmonia Rosales, Creation of God https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Creation_of_God_by_Harmonia_Rosales.jpg

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