Paul: Chauvinist, AntiSemite, Theologian? (Fall 2013—Spring 2013)

PaulRembrandtIn the Fall we began a class on Paul, looking at who he was, and why it matters. It is not necessary to have attended the Fall class to understand this one. We welcome new participants!

For centuries Paul’s letters have been used to inspire profound faith, but also to foster misogyny in the church, to build up community but to tear down tolerance, inspire deep commitment to God but rationalize horrible injustices. Many have argued that it was Paul who founded the church and is the true progenitor Christianity. What does it mean that such a difficult to understand person stands at the origins of our faith? What role should his letters play in the ongoing life of the Church?

Join us for a frank discussion of the most enigmatic figure in early Christianity, and learn with us what Paul means for today’s Church.

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  1. The presentation from this morning’s class is now online.

    The presentation contained two songs. On the opening screen and the final one you will hear “C’est la fin” (This is final), a French Troubadour Song from the 13th Century by the folk ensemble “Galatia” (Turkey). The second song we heard this morning was entitled, “Ubion” and comes from the Spanish celtic folk ensemble, Menaya. Unfortunately, this one is not playing in the online version, but the slide it was on makes you wait four minutes anyway! Oh well. That will give you time to read the two passaged that slide asks you to compare.

    It was a pleasure to have so many of you in class this morning. I hope you have a wonderful week.

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