Evangelism and Vocation in a Post Singularity World


  • Bill Nye the Science Guy:  We Can Solve The World’s Problems (±45 minutes)

  • SingularityFM, Introductory Video (11 minutes, 57 seconds)

  • Venture Capitalist Albert Wenger on Basic Income and World After Capital (±54 minutes)

  • Robot, Sophia, Speaks at Saudi Arabia’s Future Investment Initiative (±5 minutes)

  • Robot Meets Self-driving Car (±4 minutes)

Potential Schedule

  1. What is AI and what does post-singularity mean?
  2. Can we finally achieve a just society when AI rules the day?
  3. If human labor is not required for creating the things we need, how will resources be equitably allocated?
  4. What does vocation mean in a world where human labor is not necessary to support life?
  5. How does one find meaning in such a world?
  6. Will national governments become irrelevant in the face of computer-run societies?
  7. How might the Church cope with a time when humans are no longer in charge?
  8. What might it mean to be human in a post-singularity world?