Battered Love: God and the imagery of sexual violence in scripture

In our scriptures we find narratives and poetry that use the image of a wayward woman to symbolize the sins of the community, presenting God as her aggrieved husband who sometimes responds violently. This imagery bears the unfortunate and dangerous implication that spouse abuse is something God does. We will read Renita Weems’ book, Battered Love: Marriage, Sex, and Violence in the Hebrew Prophets and consider how we can construct a counter-narrative to combat this implication. The class will culminate with a weekend workshop in which we will produce both spoken and visual art to represent that counter-narrative. Come help us re-envision what it means to be in relationship with God.

February 26, 2023Introduction: A Metaphor’s Fatal Attraction1–11
March 5, 2023The Rhetoric of a Metaphor12–34
March 12, 2023No class
This is the week of the women’s retreat.
No reading recommended for this day
March 19, 2023Speakers, Audiences, and Expectations35–67
March 26, 2023God as husband68–83
April 2, 2023Us as readers and the language of romance and rape84–119
April 9, 2023Easter Sunday
We will not meet this Sunday.
April 16, 2023Micheal will be away this Sunday. We will not meet.
April 23, 2023Responding to Scripture through Art
April 30, 2023Responding to Scripture through Art
May 6 , 2023
Oral and Visual Art Workshop
May 7, 2023
Presenting art as a new way of reading
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