A new home for an old site

Until recently this site was housed at WordPress.com. In July of 2017, though, we moved to BibleAtChurch.com. This will allow us to continue to provide quality material but without having unwanted advertisements appear on our pages.

If you were following the site at bibleatbinkley.wordpress.com, you will want to create a new account here. You can do that under the heading “Subscribe to this blog via email” in the column on the right.

The Birth of Jesus in Matthew and Luke

I have uploaded a table comparing the stories of Jesus’ birth in Matthew and Luke, the only two Gospels to address the issue. If you have a chance today, take a look at it and think about what it implies about the authors’ perspectives on this event.

Click the link below to see the table.

Birth Stories

Defining Scripture in the 21st Century

I have uploaded the presentation that I will use on Sunday, January 18 so that you can view it online. Feel free to share it with anyone you want, but some parts may be difficult to understand outside the context of our discussions in class.

You can find the presentation here.

1/18/2015 Comment: I’ve corrected the links in this post. The presentation displays properly now.

Navigating This Website

On a laptop computer you will see two menus here on this page. On a cell phone you only have one. The first menu (the only one on a cell phone) is located just under the picture above. On the far right you will see About this website, and Home. (The blog link will go away soon since it is no longer needed.)

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The other menu is located near the top of the sidebar on the left. (You can’t see this one on a cell phone.) That menu lists several classes that have been offered over the last few years as well as another link to this page. Click on the title of any class to read about that class. If you see one you didn’t attend, but you’d like to see offered again. Post a comment on it’s page to let us know.

We look forward to your participation in the class!

Two web resources added on Saturday, Jan. 12.

Today I added links to two online resources that you can use to find and studying the biblical texts that will be used in hundreds of thousands of churches around the world on the coming Sunday. You can find the links in the sidebar to the right under “Websites you may find helpful.”

The two I added today are Revised Common Lectionary (Vanderbilt University) and The Text This Week. Either one will show you the texts that will be used. The “Text This Week” site also provides resources for developing sermons, bible studies, etc, and even provides graphic resources that can be used in church newsletters or other publications.