Navigating This Website

On a laptop computer you will see two menus here on this page. On a cell phone you only have one. The first menu (the only one on a cell phone) is located just under the picture above. On the far right you will see About this website, and Home. (The blog link will go away soon since it is no longer needed.)

About this website will take you to a page explaining the purpose of the site. Home will take you to the page showing the blog posts related to the current class (Basics for Progressive Christians).

The other menu is located near the top of the sidebar on the left. (You can’t see this one on a cell phone.) That menu lists several classes that have been offered over the last few years as well as another link to this page. Click on the title of any class to read about that class. If you see one you didn’t attend, but you’d like to see offered again. Post a comment on it’s page to let us know.

We look forward to your participation in the class!