Fragmento_filemonOn Sunday we will read the letter of Paul to Philemon. This letter has been read as supporting slavery (Paul sent Onesimus, a runaway slave, back to his master) and as an argument against slavery (Paul told Philemon not to treat Onesimus as a slave any longer, but as a brother).

How would Paul’s argument have been read in a society that accepted slavery as a given with little objection? What role did this letter play in the debates over slavery in this country in the 1800s? What value does it have for today’s church?

Join us for a lively discussion.

Email from Παύλος Ταρσεύς?!

PaulRembrandtOn launch Sunday (Feb. 3), I gave a humorous appeal for our upcoming class on Paul. Announcing that technology appears to have reached the other side, I read an email from the apostle urging people to not take me too seriously, but to read the letters and learn with us.

There was plenty of laughter. If you would like a copy of “Paul’s email” I’ll be glad to share it with you on Sunday. I’ll hope to see you then.