A Preview of Sunday, February 8, 2015

Topics for Discussion

* Review of the birth stories

* What Jesus was not

* What Jesus was

* Jesus as:

-A spirit person

-A teacher of wisdom

-A social prophet

-A movement founder

-A religious/social activist

-A miraculous healer



Chapter 2, cont. from The Adult Jesus: A Sketch to Implications for the Life of the Church

Biblical texts that Illustrate Borg’s Point of View

-Spirit Person

Mark 1:12-13

-Teacher of  Wisdom

Matt. 5:3-12

-A Social Prophet

Luke 12:17-23

-A Movement Founder

Luke 6:17-19

Biblical Texts Illustrating other Aspects of Jesus Ministry

Jesus’s Social Mission

-Luke 4:16-21

-Matthew 25:34-40

Jesus as Miraculous Healer

-Mark 10:46-52