A Preview of Sunday, March 22, 2015

Topics for discussion

*Have we lost the meaning of the larger “story” of the Bible and Jesus by over-emphasizing theology and historical analysis?

*What are some of the “macro-stories” of the Old Testament Bible? (The Exodus from Egypt; the destruction of the temple and exile to Babylon in 587 B.C. and return to Israel in 539 B.C. after the Persian conquest; the Priestly purity system embodied in the institution of the  temple, priesthood, & sacrifice.)

*What are the “macro stories” of the New Testament? (Jesus birth, His message – ‘believe in me’ or ‘a message of compassion – Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection)


Chapter 6: Images of Jesus and Images of the Christian Life


The Exodus Story

Exodus 1-40

The Babylonia  Exile Story

Jeremiah 24:1-12

Priesthood and sacrifice (examples)

1 Kings 6:5 23

Leviticus 4:15:13

The Easter Story

Mark 14-16

Luke 22-24